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What could be better than meeting others who share the same vision and values, and with whom you can create beautiful things together? In the last few years I have been so lucky to be able to work together with many cool people on fantastic projects. It gives me a lot of energy to get the opportunity to create something wonderful together. Below you can read about a few of those projects, endorsements and co-operations that have unfolded. Do you think we might be able to help each other in some way, or do you want to share an idea? Feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you!

Iki Guides

Ikiguides is the beautiful health platform set up by Jorn Bosma and Lars van den Nieuwenhoff. Here, they share their own quest for optimum health and offer courses and workshops in this area. Main subjects are epigenetics, the power of grounding and the sun, and protection against EMFs and unnatural radiation. They have recently introduced their own app and community called the Ikitribe, where like-minded people come together and can learn about health in the broadest sense. I am affiliated with the Ikitribe platform as a holistic healing guide and publish articles about mind & spirit. You can find examples of blogs I have written here .

Are you interested in learning more about health and connecting with the coolest people? Subscribe here to the ikitribe (in Dutch), or read more here

Starfish Health

Starfish Health is a platform where providers of complementary medicine join together so that you can easily find care providers in your neighbourhood. I am affiliated with Starfish Health as the EFT Ambassador, and as such am the main contact and writer of everything related to this healing technique. You can find my personal page here. I also wrote blogs for Starfish, you can find them here.

co-founder Ikiguides

Working with Dimphy is a special experience. The better I get to know her, the more I admire her knowledge and experience. I also appreciate the pure and serving manner in which she employs her skills to guide both others and myself on the path of spiritual development. Dimphy has already brought me so much closer to myself. I am certain she is going to help you with that as well!

Envol App

Envol is a beautiful app, set up by Julie and Tim. Julie has been on her own long journey from sickness to health. In this app she has included everything she needed for her own recovery. The app includes powerful visualisation music, 3D sound journeys, guided meditations and a score system to track how much sunlight, healthy food and mental rest you have taken during the day. I personally love using the app as I find it helps me recharge and stay on track with my self care. I also make an appearance on some tracks, you can hear me singing on the visualisation track ‘Forgive’ and the 3D sound journey ‘Call of the ocean’. Download the app here and get a 30-day free trial with code Envol30.

Uma Nomad

People often ask me where I got the cute dresses I always wear and the answer is: from Uma Nomad! I have gone years without buying clothes because I was all too aware of the negative impact of the clothing industry on the climate, as well as the often horrid working conditions of the garment makers. I was extremely relieved when I found Uma Nomad. I had finally found a good brand that made affordable clothes, unique pieces made from discarded saris, created by people receiving a fair wage. Shop them here.

Gebruik code Dimphy10 voor 10% korting en guilt free shoppen 🙂

co-founder Envol App

It’s been a great pleasure working with Dimphy: we recorded some musical content for our wellness app and we were very happy with her input and what she delivered, very much in line with the brief. Dimphy showed great work ethics and delivered extremely qualitative content. We definitely recommend Dimphy and would work with her again in the future!

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