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Welcome sweet soul,

Are you tired of swimming against the current and ready for more flow and ease in your life? Does your energy seem to be draining all the time and you would like to learn how to preserve it? Are you struggling with chronic health issues and do you feel more than ready to finally get answers? Look no further.

Hello, my name is Dimphy. I got handed my fair share of hardships early in life. With 12+ "labels" of chronic health issues, additional trauma and a dose of high sensitivity, the odds weren't always in my favor. Still I have always felt and known deep down I would find my way out. After researching and healing for over a decade, I have now become the guide I wish I would have had on my own journey. 

Veelal werk ik met mooie mensen die het niet makkelijk hebben gehad. Of het nou een chronische aandoening of hooggevoeligheid is, vaak ervaren ze iets wat ze tegenhoudt om hun leven voluit te leven. Herken jij jezelf hierin? Dan wil ik graag tegen je zeggen: jij hoeft het niet alleen te doen. Je verdient alle ondersteuning die je nodig hebt, of het nou van mij is of iemand anders. Want jij, lieve ziel, hebt nog zoveel moois met de wereld te delen. Ik kan niet wachten om jou te zien stralen en je leven voluit te zien leven 💜

Lots of love,


My three pillars

What do I pay attention to?


Food is our fuel. The more natural our food, the better we often feel. Do you feel good physically and do you enjoy what you eat? That is what I wish for you! If there is an imbalance, I will happily help you with natural nutrition and herbs. We will look at your personal goals and work towards a good basis for a healthy body, combined with a lifestyle you enjoy.


You could say energy is the building block of everything. Without energy, you would get nowhere. You can assist your energy level through energy work. Emotional events can lead to blockages - similar to cars standing still on the road. This means the energetic ‘traffic’ can no longer flow and this can lead to physical complaints in your body. Energy work often allows you to find the background of physical complaints and start to resolve them. This way, you can get your feet firmly back on your path and have the energy to make your dreams come true.


The world can be a harsh and challenging place. To me, compassion goes deeper than empathy: it is seeing and acknowledging painful experiences/suffering, with love and tenderness. I find it important to listen to your story with compassion and offer you the guidance that fits with your situation, so that you can feel carried and may experience more tenderness in your day-to-day life.

Are you,

If your answer to 1 of these questions is YES!
you have come to the right place.

Let's get you thriving!

What are the ways to work with me?

Individual session

To feel carried, seen, heard and supported. That is what I wish for you during a session. In an individual session, I am available to help you along with whatever is blocking your path at the moment. We will be looking at the whole picture: your mind, body and spirit. What could use some extra love right now? What are your biggest challenges and opportunities? The session will be entirely tailored to your personal needs.

Healing / Reading

An energy healing is meant to cleanse your energy system. Where are your blockages and how can we make the energy flow freely again? We always start a healing session by drinking a nice cup of tea together while talking about your intention. Are you in pain in certain places that you would like me to specifically take a look at? Is there anything specific you hope to get from this healing? I will take this into account. 


Emotional Freedom Technique is a method where you tap certain points (meridian points) with your own hand. You can let go of emotional baggage and reduce physical complaints by doing this in a certain order and with the right focus and intention. By tapping the points while concentrating on the feeling you want to resolve, you can feel the energy starting to flow again. You can feel that the complaint is reduced or completely resolved. The great thing about EFT is that it works quickly and you can easily learn to apply it yourself.

Sound healing

Sounds and music are particularly healing. As a professional singer, I found it wonderful to discover that I can also use my voice for healing: to promote relaxation, rest, healing and connection. I can sense what suits a group best at any given moment by alternating between channelled singing with singing bowls and songs with lyrics. I have sung at various beautiful retreats and absolutely love doing this. Are you interested in adding a singer to your retreat or would you like me to record a sung meditation for you, contact me without obligations to discuss the possibilities.

Collaborations & Endorsements

What could be better than meeting others who share the same vision and values, and with whom you can create beautiful things together? In the last few years I have been so lucky to be able to work together with many cool people on fantastic projects. It gives me a lot of energy to get the opportunity to create something wonderful together. Below you can read about a few of those projects, endorsements and co-operations that have unfolded. Do you think we might be able to help each other in some way, or do you want to share an idea? Feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you!

kind words

What are my clients experiences?


My EFT session with Dimphy was so therapeutic. Dimphy held such a loving, supportive space for me as she guided me through the tapping points. I felt noticeably calmer, more relaxed and centered after our session. And I’ve been able to use what she taught me on my own since. So grateful for her guidance!


A few weeks ago I received a healing from Dimphy and I really needed some time to put my experiences into words. In previous healing sessions I had always felt a certain resistance that meant I could not relax and surrender to the healing. I had a completely different experience with Dimphy. Surrender was the key and although I still felt a bit of resistance, I also felt like she guided me to breathe through it. For the first time, I saw images coming , and was overwhelmed by all the feelings that came to the surface. It was like I had suddenly gained the clarity to look at myself from a distance. Bottled-up anger and sadness were released through Dimphy’s loving guidance, giving me several big insights during the weeks following the healing. It was not a quick fix but a beautiful start of a durable and valuable process. She helped me trust my own intuition and gifts better. To see both sides of life as an important part. Not just the light, but the dark side is valuable as well.


Dimphy brought me hope in the darkest time in my life. In March of 2021, I began having crazy neurological symptoms including heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, insomnia, trembling hands, shortness of breath, anxiety and more. It was terrifying, and abruptly caused my life to completely stop. I could no longer work, care for my children, prepare food, perform daily tasks or even get out of bed. I knew about people’s healing stories following the Medical Medium diet, but feared that it wouldn’t work for me and that I would have to deal with these symptoms the rest of my life. Dimphy offered me constant assurance that like hers, my body had the ability to heal. Her guidance, intuition, compassion and ability to offer hope truly got me through the scariest time of my life. Today, I am SO much better and know that I’m not far from being close to fully healed. I can care for my kids again, cook, clean, travel, etc. It truly is a MIRACLE! I could not have made it through this difficult journey without Dimphy’s help. I can’t recommend her services enough! She is truly a gift to this world.


Eyes closed, sitting or laying down and relaxing, and enjoying the restfulness washing over you. That is what I experienced during a living room concert by Dimphy. When she starts singing along with her singing bowls you imagine being in ancient forests where the magic is still omnipresent. Dimphy brings the energy of other beautiful worlds tangibly closer with her beautiful singing. Rested and recharged, I went back home with renewed power and energy.


Ik kwam binnen, en de energie van Dimphy was al meteen fijn, prettig..en liefdevol. Ik was snel op mijn gemak, en ging zitten, voor de sound healing. Ik heb genoten, met heel mijn lijf 💖 Dimphy heeft een hele mooie prettige stem, ik waande me heel even op een andere, liefdevollere planeet 👽😃💖 Ik ervaarde haar zang als enorm prettig, helend, en liefdevol. Ook Dimphy als persoon, een hele mooie warme liefdevolle uitstraling 💖 Tijdens de sessie mocht ik ook stenen pakken of notities maken. Ik heb fijne stenen vastgehouden 💓 notities kwamen er niet van, ik zat zooo IN de sessie met mijn gevoel 💓💖💓, dat wilde ik niet verstoren 🥰 De klankschalen waren ontzettend fijn..zeker in combinatie met Dimphy haar stem 💓💓💓 Ik voelde tijdens de klankschalen, en Dimphy haar stem, de meeste heling 💖 zeker voor herhaling vatbaar 🥰


I have recently received a reading from Dimphy. The answers she could give to my questions I found to be very clear and direct. What really touched me was Dimphy’s loving presence while ‘giving’ me my reading. I felt seen and carried a bit further. I love that she is ‘down to earth’ while being attuned to the higher realms. She has a huge amount of life experience for someone relatively young. I am happy with the reading and the experience!

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